Alagna Family
Thanksgiving 2001 at Johny's in Hilton Head Isl. SC

Hey Millie we miss you. Badges wants you to come over and play.

Badges ready to attack

Badges want you to throw the ball!

Badges chillin out on the sofa!

Playing baseball outside John's home in Hilton Head, SC

Dinner at Bella Italiana without Dad, however Timmy Judge ordered the Eggplant Parm in honor of Daddy.

Cara, Chris Joey on the sofa

Chris taking in that nature, did not catch any fish today, but did enjoy the construction noise nearby.

Chris in Harbourtown

Chris on the beach at Port Royal Hilton Head SC

Daddy not in Hilton Head :{

Dan bringing in the "big one"

Danny at home

at Harbourtown Hilton Head, SC

at Port Royal Beach, Hilton Head, SC

Dan's big catch. Hurry up John take the picture this fish is too heavy to hold!!!

Hey look at this lunker! Johnny's catch at Shipyard Hilton Head, SC

Dan's Big Mouth Bass at Shipyard Hilton Head SC

Port Royal Hilton Head

Hey how about this nose. Quality nostrils.


Johnny & Carla at Bella's

Smile Joey

Tara, Tara, Tara at Port Royal, Hilton Head SC

Taylor and his fish

Taylor Calamari big catch

Steve at home in front of the computer