Alagna Family
Christmas in Chicago 2002

Posing with Ron at the Ronald MacDonalds home

Carley with that dude from Monsters Inc. at the Ronald MacDonalds home

Carla and Cara at the Ronald MacDonalds home.

The infamous Ronald MacDonalds home.

Just about to dump the tabs in the container at the Ronald MacDonalds home

Carley and ??? at the Ronald MacDonalds home.

Outside Jim and Sue's home. As you can see we had snow the first few days in Chicago this year.

Proof that the tabs are dumped in the box!

In the Bohemian bakery on Cermak Rd. in Berwyn.

Cara and Carley cuddling up for a story.

In D'andreas picking out the pasta and cheese.

Family dinner after all the activities. Very awkward as we were with no adults. We are now all of the adults. No Ma, no Pa :{

Just waiting to tell you how it should be!

Carley and Cuddles on the sofa. They are inseparable, and love each other soo much. She is sooo nice to Cudles!

Wally's nice home down the block from us.

Our old new home in Cicero

Italian food rules at D'andreas store. We made our usual stop and filled up on great stuff!

Our old old home in Cicero.

Cermak Plaza car tree

Down the block "under the bridge". Many fun and dangerous "things' happened here!