Alagna Family
Fall 2002
Alagna Fall photos
Cara Volleyball in Charleston, SC

Cara Volleyball shot as in Island Packet newspaper. After this shot she had many folks asking her for her autograph. this went to her head very quickly.

The Charley's Angles at the Prep vs Christian Academy game. Ryan, Cara and Priscilla.

Joey swim party with the entire class!

At Braves baseball game in Atlanta versus the Boston Red Sox. With the Ryan family.

Joey tries a little prayer prayer to the tournament. Timmy Neil confident look, in Charleston SC.

Happy B-day 11yrs old!

The cuz, eating it up!

Joey falling in-line with the Prep. cheerleaders.

Mr. Crazy Man took over the Dolphin guy at the Prep vs Christian Acad. game. We lost big 34-14

The best time was had with the Judge's at Halloween. Notice Payne Stewart on the right.

Cara as Charley's Angles at Prep. Football game.