Alagna Family
Cara Alagna move into the Florida State Dorm. August 18-19 20003
Cara's move into Florida State University
These images are of Cara's dormitory in Florida State University. The room is about 12' x 12' if that and is located on the 8th floor of the Sally dorm building. Cara attended a very small private Hilton Head Preparatory high school . . . and now she is attending a big PUBLIC university.

As we walk through the very public, very crowded campus, I get to look at her as say..."Cara you wanted big and public...guess what baby. . . YOU GOT IT MAN!

On the way down to FL the air conditioning went out on her new (our old car) 4-Runner, so we had to spend $1,000 bucks to get that fixed...ouch!

I will add more images to this page as we will attend "parents weekend" in September.

Entryway into common room from Cara's room.

Mom and Cara planning, on Michelle's bed. Cara's bed is on top.

The common room, Cara's desk w/ computer.

The Bathroom, its very tight and not made for a man.

Imelda Marcos (Cara) closet in, just 1/2 the other half is Michelle's.

Cara side of closet.

Cara's stereo, head of bed.

Deciding where to put all this stuff.

Joey's first day of school, without his big sister :{