Alagna Family
Cubs vs Atlanta Game 5 in Atlanta Oct. 5th 2003
This event will surely be one of our all-time (less Cara :{ ) family highlights. Game 5 of the Chicago Atlanta Braves National League Series. Cubs whooped up on the Braves 4 to 1. Kerry Woods pitched a wondrous game. About 35% of the fans in attendance were actually Cubs fans, the remainder were wana be Cubs fans.

We drove up to Atlanta with Tim and Shane Judge, Dino and Taylor and Joey Ryan. Had great seats in section 122 row 7.

Ate a hot dog and some nachos for only $23.00 includes the drink!

This was our view from section 122 row 7. Great seats for "out of towners" Cubs fans were absolutely all over the joint!

Us having a great time.

Joey and his best bud Joey Ryan.

Here is our collection of signs. I was very obnoxious with my signs. One of the Braves fans behind us actually stole my sign and threw it! It took all of my might to keep me from "loosing it" but we were there for the fun of it and Joey did not want to see his dad fight. They knew we were "in the house"!

Cubs Rule!!! Braves Drewl"

This was by far the best sign in the house! Don't know where or if was he was ever found alive after the game. Never saw him or his sign again!