Alagna Family
Parents Day at Florida State University September 07, 2003
These images are of "Parent's Day" at Florida State University. We sold Cara's 94 Ford Explorer to Bill Shilling on Friday afternoon...and then left for FSU the next morning at about 11AM. The drive down to Tallahassee takes about 5-hours, we arrived and went to a nice dinner at the Mall to American Grill. It was absolutely wonderful to see her!! She looked great, did not seem to gain any weight although she was a bit sick with a small cold.

Friday night we had a mission to retrieve our $155. deposit at a seedy motel. After a bit of intimidation, yes we had success and received our $155 back in cash.

We met her roommate Michele and helped out with little chores around the dorm. On Saturday morning we met Cara for breakfast, then proceeded to help her do laundry at the local Chinese Laundromat. She has only washed her clothes once since being at FSU because it takes so long.

Saturday night we met up with the Cliffords at Applebees and then proceeded to the Florida State football game. Wow what an experience, 80,000+ fans just absolutely going nuts! FSU was playing Maryland that evening, and it was a great time for all. We were in absolute awe at the amount of fans, and the game. FSU started off to a slow start getting down 10 to 0 but FSU came back and won 38-10. Obviously a superior caliber team.

We sat at the top of the stadium at first and then moved down with the kids after the 1st quarter. We had a wonderful time watching Cara's school spirit come out, as Cara was right in there doing the FAU chant and the Indian wave. We had the best time!!! Weather was great at a cool 75 degrees, with a breeze.

We left early Sunday morning after having breakfast at the hotel with Cara and Elaine. We said our "good bye" to Cara in the hotel parking lot. I made sure to tell Cara how proud we are of her. She is really doing well, and seems to acclimating well to her new environment.

Overall a wonderous weekend with a sibling we miss very much at home. Enjoy the photos below.

This is the view from our seats at the game.

Kay Merril displaying Cara's desk w/ computer.

The Bathroom, its very tight and not made for a man. Carla taking a stain out of Cara's pants.

Cara displaying her bed where she sleeps very little...?

Cara's roommate Michelle with her collection of Indian FSU swords. Just kidding, this is a lady we met at the local flea market. Please notice the red arrows which display the open shirt, and Cara's knives.

Cara's and Carla displaying the 3-shelf pantry.

FSU marching band. Pretty awesome!

Cara side of closet.

Cara and Michelle frig.

Cara and Carla at the local Chinese laundromat

Having fun at the laundromat.

Cara's dorm.

Cara outside at her dorm "Sally" her room is on the 8th floor. Her roommate are Michelle and her suitemates are Leah, and Ashley.

Us at the game, with popcorn head in the background. This kid found his way into many of our football pictures.

Cara and Ryann prior to the football game.

Cara & roommate Michelle at the FSU Miami game. It was a very rainy day and FSU was beaten badly by Miami.