Alagna Family
Christmas in Chicago 2003
These images are of our trip to Jimmy and Sue's home in Naperville IL. We left on December 26th. Friday on United (trying to help Danny's income and job security) airlines. Cara left on New Years Eve day. We had a wondrous time. Weather was great sunny most days and a record highs in the 40's. Although no snow we understand that the snow came the week after we left.

This picture was taken in downtown Naperville by a nice lady. The temperature was about 40 degrees. We went to the new 911 Memorial and just walked around.

Also taken on the same day in downtown Naperville.
Joey and Cara at the 911 memorial.

On the Naperville river bridge.

Christmas dinner at Jimmy and Sue's home.

This is a cute little restaurant called Nancy's Tea Room. It is in downtown Downers Grove I think. It seats about 25 folks and has great cinnamon bread with strawberry butter! Really great place for lunch.

At Nancy's Tea Room.

At Nancy's Tea Room.

Out in front of Jimmy and Sue's home.

Received this picture from Joey in CA of Christina and Anthony (aka Antny) I assume this was taken at Joey's home.