Alagna Family
Cubs -vs- Braves - Atlanta GA April 9th 2004

We had a wondrous time in Atlanta with the Judge and Ryan families. We departed on Thursday evening and arrived safely around 7PM or so. We were fortunate to stay at the swank Marriott Marque hotel right in downtown Atlanta, courtesy of the Judges who traded points for nights. Very nice hotel in a great location. However we missed our Cara, she loves baseball games. :{

The first evening we ate at the Hard Rock restaurant around the corner from the hotel. The next morning we decided to head out to 6 Flags amusement park. What a beautiful day for it, and we thought it very prudent to "do" the park before the ball game. Well not so prudent, as we paid our $10. to park when we arrived to the admission gate we realized that today was way too busy for us. After a 1/2 hour of waiting in line to buy tickets, we absolutely melted down and left. We decided to go to the mall!

At Lenox mall we fought the free parking versus valet option ($3.00) and eventually found a space. Its always an issue weather to pay or gamble and find a free way. We are all like that and I guess thats what makes it all the more fun! After 3 or so hours of shopping the girls eventually made it out of their fist store they entered. The men on the other hand had conquered the entire mall! We quickly browsed in and out of all of the sports, computer shops and electronic stores. As I write this I realize how typical men and woman can be. They (the gals) had a leisurely time in one store shopping for the kids. We (the guys) attacked the mall, searching out the sports stores and then running to the Apple computer store. We wasted no time in achieving our goals. Get to the stores we wanted to see, and not much else. How so typical we all can be, but is thats what makes it all work. The dynamics of it all!

After the mall we headed south to Turner Field, with little traffic we made it in a breeze. We parked at our same lot, although Timmy had some alignment issues with the parking attendant. He simply could not (I suspect he was being a rebel) park within the yellow lines.

When walking in Turner Field you can not imagine how genuinely nice they are to you. I must have been greeted at least 5-times with have a great game and such. They don't do that at Wrigely. We must be in the south now!

The game was a bit boring through the first 7 innings. Very little scoring and an obnoxious fan (very) behind us. Although he used very little profanity he was loud and annoying. We were just about to loose the game with our last Cub batter up in the 9th inning with two outs and what happens? He smashes the ball out of the park! Whoa! We were all absolutely blown away! The Braves fans were sooo CRUSHED! I looked back at the obnoxious fan and there was a paramedic standing over his limp body. It appeared he had swallowed and choked on his hot dog . . . . just kidding . . . but not a bad thought :}

Well this game went on for an additional 6 innings to the top of the 15th when the Cubs had a runner on third. A long foul ball that should have been purposely dropped by the Braves outfielder was caught and our 3rd. base Cub runner came home. We now had the lead and ended up giving up no runs in the Braves 15th inning. Great game, it was almost 12AM and we were "spent" but very happy Cub fans indeed.

The next morning we packed up and headed home after a brief stop in Fun Towne (exit 72 Bass Rd.) Macon, GA to race carts and climb rock walls. A fun park with no lines and cheap prices. I really did not want to stop, but I was glad afterwards that we did!

We made it home fine and are thankful everything went so well. The Cubs won, the hotel was great and the kids were good and we did not loose anyone. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends as The Ryans and the Judges, and they are indeed an absolute experiment in the "dynamic family of the 21 century" not to say that we are normal.

Enjoy the photos, some of these are from the prior week.

The three Joey's racing the carts. You could not see me because I was way out in front of these slow pokes. Just kidding. This stuff is way too fast and bumpy for me. The boys love it!

Joey Ryan scaling the rock wall. He did great!

Joey and Shane at the park, seeking a ball.

Don't quite know who these people are, but Ellen took a picture of them because they were so cute and handsome together.

The Alagna's (-our dear Cara) at the park.

Joey finally made it up the wall.

Tim and Felicity. Dad and daughter at the ballpark.

Kelly scaling the rock wall!

The boys.

Sammy Sosa warming up before the game.

This is what our son did to his hair.

Hello, like my hair cut?

If you ever need a good hair cut, go see Joey at the barber shop. He'll cut you good man!