Alagna Family
21 Richfield Way Now Empty :{ April 25, 2004
The big move from 21 Richfield Way to 623 The Preserves at Indigo Run was an absolute nightmare. Although everything went right in the move, nothing was broken it was just an absolute pain to move from a home to an apartment. Our apartment's 2-car garage is absolutely full with basketball goals to a piano to boxes a plenty!

Our Master Bedroom now empty :{

Cara's Navy Grey Room now empty {: Freddy the Fish has also moved, but he is still alive!

Joey's Bedroom

There is Fred's moving container. As you can see he is still alive.

The Garage almost empty. You can see one of the moving trucks (Carla's Truck) in the driveway.

Our beautiful Kitchen is now empty.

Our Family room.

Living Room

Family Room