Alagna Family
Christmas Evening at the Calmari's 2004
Christmas evening was spent at the Calamari home of John and Dolores. It was a wonderful party full of drinks, food, fun and Santa Calus. When Santa arrived then only child that was willing to sit in Santa's lap was Alyssa, Nickolas and Aunti Mary, the others were a bit scared of this guy.

Matt, Melissa and Kathryn

Vilma, Cara and Carla

Melissa & Matt

Dolores and Linda (Santa's Sister)

Harry, Jean and Kevin aka Mr. NY

Alyssa and Jennifer

Dennis, Linda and Ruthie aka Lite

Alyssa and Jennifer

Dan and Marion

Sandy and George

Cathryn and Gina

Santa and Nickolas

Santa and Nickolas


Santa arrives

Santa, Alyssa and Nick

"The Gals" Cara, Melissa and Jennifer

Carla and John

Dino and Mary

Matt and Melissa

Pat and Chip

Carla and Cara

Our 2004 Christmas card