Alagna Family
Christmas Trip to Myrtle Beach, SC 2004

This trip was a quick unplanned get-a-way for a few days. We decided to travel to Myrtle Beach because it was only a 4-hour drive and offered a lot to do. So we packed up on Dec. 27th Monday morning and hit the road. The image above was taken at the entryway of the hotel we stayed at called Camelot. Such a deal at only $40. per night (off season rates!).

We had a great time doing everything from seeing a Las Vegas style show called Tribute which featured famous impersonators such as Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and others. The show was first class and operated by the same folks at the The Carolina Opery. The lighting, actors and show was wonderful and we would highly recommend.

This is the view from our room.

Joe and Cara at Magnolia's Breakfast Buffet.

The downward view off our balcony.

The Bingo crew.

The Bingo Hall

Carla, Cara and Joey just had it in their minds to play bingo. So we located a bingo hall where they could inhale second hand smoke for a few hours and loose a few bucks in the process.

At Magnolia's Breakfast Buffet. The Buffet was marginal :(

The left view off our room balcony.

The Camelot Hotel.

The right view off our balcony.