Alagna Family
Fall 2004 at Florida State University with Cara & Joey
These are images of our Fall trip (November 6th & 7th) to Florida State University 2004.

This trip to Tallahassee, FL was to visit Cara at school, and see a football game, FSU versus the Duke Blue Devils of North Carolina. The day was absolutely wondrous, weather wise, cool and sunny. We met Cara and Jeff (Cara's crush) Friday night about 9pm at Roadhouse, a Country & Western eating and bar establishment. Cara & Jeff looked wonderful and we had a great dinner and time together.

Cara is doing great, in her grades and in her collegiate life. We are so very proud of her and where she is at in this stage of her life. And yes Jeff really does seem to be a great addition to her life. He genuinely seems to be a great guy with a good sense of humor, and we bonded with him from the start.

The next morning we picked up Cara at her apartment and went to breakfast at Jenny's Luchbox. Afterwards we did the Walmart/food stop. We arrived at the football game a few minutes late but once in the stadium . . it was an overwhelming view and feeling of fans, green, garnet and gold! Need I say more! I love that feeling of excitement when you first enter a stadium for a sporting event.

The game was all ours, although I must say that FSU did give a glimmer of hope to Duke through the 1st. half of the game with the score at FSU 9 and Duke 6 at halftime. We were field goal crazy in the 1st half.

The 2nd half FSU came into their own game and took over, connecting with long passes and 2 additional touchdowns. Duke was stifled on offence with stops and interceptions by the FSU defence. FSU ended up winning by a score of 29 to 6. A great game. I did notice that Cara and especially Jeff had a great time and were really into the game. I love the school spirit that they displayed during the game.

I know Joey was overwhelmed with the amount of people and the game. He has a lot more of this in his near future, lucky him.

After the game we decided to fulfill a fantasy of Carla's and go to eat at The Melting Pot restaurant a fondue French style type of eating. Pretty interesting concept, the food was great and had a crazy time was had by all. We sadly said our good bye's to Cara and Jeff in the parking lot and went back to the hotel for rest and sleep.

The next morning we seriously contemplated staying and extra half day to see Cara again and attend a FSU versus Maryland volleyball game. We sat in the parking lot and had a contemptuous coin toss to decide our days fate. Well tails came up in the toss and that meant to head home :{ Joey was very upset and pouted the whole way home. A bit of a sore looser.. but we definitely do live by our coin tosses.

We ended up stopping in Jacksonville, FL to have a short photo shoot for an upcoming website called We finally got home about 5:30pm and all was well.

At the game and in the sky

Bad picture taken by the staff, at breakfast at Jenny's Lunchbox.

Cara and mom. Carla for some reason looked at me when we took this picture.

This picture we told here to look into the camera and we can see the results.

Cara and a proud Dad!

Cara and Jeff.

Cara and Jeff laughing.

Joey took this image in front of the Melting Pot restaurant.

The Melting Pot. Does this not make you hungry or what? Photo credit go to Joey.

The FSU marching band.

The marching band at halftime, see the 2004.

At the game

In front of the Melting Pot restaurant.