Alagna Family
Chicago Summer 2004 ~ June 25th

Our annual Summer trip to Chicago was absolutely the best yet! We had soooo much fun with plenty of family, friends, food and events. Although Cara was unable to travel with us because she was working we were able to take our niece (adapted daughter) Melissa.

As usual Jimmy and Sue came through again as the best hosts in the Midwest, we had fine accommodations in the upstairs guest suite. Weather was absolutely beautiful, while Hilton Head was having a heat wave Chicago was cool at about 75 and sunny. It was lovely!

Our highlight of the trip was attending Joe and Chris's 25th Wedding anniversary. We also kept busy with other events such as a trip to the Brookfield Zoo, shopping downtown on Michigan Avenue, swimming at Centennial Beach pool in Naperville and one of our most memorable events 4th row seats at a Cubs game! Yes 4th row. . . through the kindness and generosity of Mike and Michelle (Mary's brother) we were able to see a great Cubs win in the 4th. row. We were so close we were able to give advise to the Cub's hitters.

Carly passes her 1st. swim lesson!

Carly doing the mermaid flap with her "fins"

Carly learning how to swim the back stoke with her instructor.

This is Carly's best friends Matt and Annie.

The wrecking crew at Brookfield Zoo. A beautiful day at the zoo!

Me and my lover Carla atop a lion at the Zoo.

Joey atop the Lion at Brookfield Zoo.

The family at Naperville pool.

Melissa on her photo shoot, downtown near Water Tower Place.

Relaxing on Jimmy & Sue's deck.

In our glory at the Cubs game. Please notice how close we are!

The Kid's at Water Tower Place.

Moses Alou with his wide batting stance.

You know who! Sammy Sosa. We were so close I was able to give Sammy some advise on which pitches to swing.

Joey Uncle Jim and Carly. After this picture Joey went to the side of the dug-out and was able to "high five" Coach Dusty Baker and 3rd base coach Lee.

Joey about to go off the high dive platform.

Joey at the end of the high dive board. A close up of his face shows he is indeed a cool customer.

An the jump!

An the point just before he enters the water.

Jimmy and Carly at the big game.

Carly contemplating her future.