Alagna Family
Fall 2004
These are images of late Summer and the start of Fall 2004.

Joey on first base with a single to right field. Taking instruction from "coach".

Joey happy about another single. He is really impressing us with his hitting this fall season.

Joey at bat. He is now in Dixie Youth league, for 13 and 14 year olds.

Don't make me come back there!

Joey ready for a play at 3rd base.

This is Joey Ryan one of Joey's best friends in the doug-out.

Carla at her day job as a executive secretary at Weichert Realty.

Carla at her day job as a secretary at Weichert Realty with a funny face.

This was taken one weekend where Cara came home from school "just because". Taken at the fountain at our apartment complex.

Joey and Cara at the fountain.

We were so fortunate to have Joey stop by after a conference in Miami. I drove to Jacksonville to pick him up. Really great to see Joey, he looked great!

We had a wonderful time. I took him on a sales call (Vision Internet) to a Realtor website, and we ganged up on this lady. She had absolutely no chance to say no. We sold her a small website.

This is Halloween night at DJ's and Mary's. Mia



Cara, Michelle Halloween night

Joey's birthday at Mia Tierra's with Timmy (REALTOR) and Joey Ryan

Kaleigh reading.

Cara and her new FSU hat. A gift from Jeff, she wore this to the Johnny Cash concert.