Alagna Family
Fall 2004 Weekend with the Trips

"The Trips", they decide wether to make your day or not!

We spent a weekend at Dino and Mary's home watching the kid's while they took a weekend away alone. It was an absolute blast!!! I feel bad that we do not have any images of Taylor and Alyssa but they were sleeping over at friends or just upstairs with Joey playing games.

Can't quite imagine how Dino and Mary "keep it all together", they (the trips) are a challenge just for a day or so, but just think about 24/7/365 WOW! We must admit, they were really good for us, no one really sick or in sour moods.

Sleeping was not too bad as they went down at 8PM or so and slept through the night till about 6AM. Although through the night you do hear voices in the middle of the night.

A Line up to see who did it!

Breakfast time can be a free for all, but it went well!