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Lake Norman with the Judges July 30th, 2004
This was a small weekend get-a-way to the moutains of NC. We had to pick up Joey from his camp at Camp Wayfarer in Flat Rock NC. It was certainly good to see him after 10-days at camp. He had a great experience, although it did not start out too well. He took a few days to get acclimated to the food, structure and such. He went hiking, he shot a rifle, bow and arrow had a class in fencing and kayaking. He also had fun in the lake. This was good for him.

Lake Norman Visitor site
Lake Norman Marina
Lake Norman map
Lake Norman State Park
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After picking up Joey we met up with the Judge family and drove to (2-hours or so) north of Charlotte, NC to Lake Norman. A rather large lake just 30-mins north of Charlotte. We only had two days here so we planned on renting a boat on the lake and then going to the Carowinds amusement park .

Day one: Weather was looking really ugly, however we decided that we would just drive around the lake the 1st day and if weather was good we would take the jump and rent a boat. Well as it tuned out the weather was fine and we rented a pontoon boat at the Lake Norman Marina on Route 150 on the north side of the lake. We had an absolute blast with the tube (see pictures below) and just relaxing in and on the lake. We did get lost on our way to lunch at the deli, but eventually found our way.

The second day: We make a huge mistake and decided to adventure to Carowinds amusement park. The three strikes for us were...summer, Saturday and high noon. The park was jammed pack full of people, we went on very few rides and this park stinks, literally! Cara and Joey did go on a very cool bunge type of flying ride which was fun to watch. But other than that, this event was a "bomb". If you are going here don't go in the summer on a weekend, go on Monday through Wednesday and first thing in the AM.

All in all we did have a great time away. The company of the Judge family is always a great time, they are truly beautiful friends/family and are fun to be with. The weather worked out in our favor and the hotel, boat, restaurant and park were all very reasonable. We rate this trip a very high 8 on the trip'orama meter and would go back to Lake Norman.

Prior to going to Lake Norman we stopped by Camp Wayfarer to pick up Joey from his summer camp. This image is from picking his up. The camp is located in the moutains of NC.

This was Joey's (and ours) first camp experience. He had a great time and said he would like to go back next year. His system was a bit mixed up from not eating too well.

This image is from a Duke Power rail road that lead to the power plant.

Cara making a statement.

Keleigh just doing what she does best, being good at most all times. She does howerver like to go the potty very often.

This is an image of a bunge flying ride that Cara and Joey went on. The ride sent them up 150 feet into the air and dropped them head first and they went flying. An unbelievable ride that scared us all!

These Judge family looking to find a fight.

Part of the Judge family looking to hitch a ride.

Cara ran into a bit of a rough crowd. Do you know anyone who might like to rescue her? Is so please send them fast!

Beautiful Lake Norman.

The Judge's in front of the Duke Power dam.

In the Lake at Norman. The water was absolutely perfect.
A bit about Lake Norman:
Lake Norman is 34 miles long, covers 32,750 acres with a shoreline of 520 miles extending over four counties – Mecklenburg, Iredell, Catawba, and Lincoln. The average depth is 25 feet with the deepest point being over 100 feet. The annual drawdown of the lake starts in September at 98% full pond and ends in February at 92% full pond for snow run-off and rains. Maximum drawdown is 15 feet.

Lake Norman was completed in the 1960’s, Lake Norman is the largest of 11 reservoirs in the Catawba River built by Duke Power to supply energy to new industries in the growing region. It was named for Norman Cocke, a longtime Duke Power company president. Lake Norman is host to three power stations: Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station, Marshall Steam Plant – Duke Power’s second largest coal-burning plant, and McGuire Nuclear Station.

Shane and Joey on the boat.

In the lake.

Felicity and Cara make a great attempt to ride this knee board...but no go. Could not figure how to stay on this thing. We are just not lake people yet...

The Captain of our boat (Mr. Judge) and that Chicago guy. You can take the guy out of Chicago but not the Chicago out of the guy.

Our Captain...scarry.

Cara and Joey on the tub. This was an absolute blast.