Alagna Family
The Alagna's trip to Lake Norman with the Judge Family
August, 2005
This trip was to Lake Norman, NC just north of Charlotte. We left on a Friday morning and about 4-hours or so arrived at our hotel the Fairfield Inn on Exit 18 of Rt. 77. We would normally like stay a bit further up on the lake, like Exit 26 but nothing available. Same went for the boat, we did not make a boat reservation ahead of time, so we had a difficult time finding a boat for Saturday.

We did end up finding a private owner whom we rented a pontoon boat from. It was quite an experience finding his home and renting the boat. He was an elderly fella and had an elderly home, dock and elderly pontoon boat on the lake. He ran his little boat rental business just like the "big guys" with a rental contract, security deposit and instructions. We all raised our eye brows an went through the rental process.

Out on the lake was great! We started off with a little rain but it quickly went away. As you can see from the pictures below the hit of the day was the tube.

Our time away with the Judges was as usual, very fun. They, like us are a nutty family, we do love spending time with them. . . and we always seem to make the best of every situation we are in. The situation here was that we were both very busy with "things" and business back home, and it was difficult to get away and the weather was not too great. But we did our level best with having patience and had a good time.

Our dining selections were absolutely impeccable. We dined at Macaroni Grill, and others and a really good lunch joint called The Buttery and Beannery. If you go to Lake Norman you absolutely must eat here, its the best food in 30-miles!

Enjoy the few photos below!

Trying to share this tube, but finding it somewhat difficult.

Felicity finally getting on the tube.

This image was taken at an old farm house.

The Buttery and Beannery, the finest food around! Really, really great food, and the!

we spent a day in nearby downtown Charlotte, NC. We were urbanites for the day.

At the Rusty Rudder. We docked the boat at the harbor and had lunch at the famous Rusty Rudder.