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Alagna Home ~ The Alagna's (Caraless) go to Washington DC
This is a summer trip that we (I especially) always wanted to take, a visit to our Nations Capitol Washington DC. We stayed with a very dear friend Mary LaMantia who moved away from us on Hilton Head back to her family and hometown Washington DC. Cara was unable to make the trip with us as she had to work :{ but she has already been to DC with school. Joey had never been, so we were excited to show him the sites.

This was taken in Old Town Alexandria in an Antique Shop with "Chuckie".

Me and my young very curvy Washington Intern Carla A. Dining out and discussing the solutions to Medicare and Social Security.

We saw this very old home that struck us as a nice place to take a picture. Just 100 yards from the Potomac River. Picture taken by Joseph Alagna.

Out dining at Tempo Italian Restaurant in Alexandria VA.

Dining out with Mary and Bill at a seafood restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. Please take note of the size of our beer mugs!

Bill and Mary, they really do like to have fun together and make a nice couple. Picture taken by Joseph Alagna.

The Capitol of the United States building (1792) , an awesome structure. Interesting to know that President George Washington laid the cornerstone in 1793 and that it was burned by British troops in 1814 only to be rebuilt in 1818.

This door was unbelievable, it was at the National Archives and was about a good 30 feet tall. That small guy is Joey.
Interesting Links:

The Senate building from the mall.

This is the view from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument.

Mom and Joey in front of the Archives.

This building is the Executive offices for the White House staff. Very European looking and very different from the other Washington buildings.

The Executive offices of the White House.

At the World War II Memorial.

The Washington Monument. Almost 550 feet tall and built in two phases before and after the Civil War. Designed by Robert Mills of Charleston, S.C. in 1838 it follows the form of an Egyptian obelisk and we learned its the largest masonry structure in the world!.

Carla and Joey

The Lincoln Monument. That boy is not going tinkle, he is just in awe of the size of Lincoln.

A very nice view of the White House, built in about 1800. It was interesting to know that building was burned in 1814 by the British, and was reconstructed in 1817.