Alagna Family
Disney Word with the Judges February 2005

This was a wonder trip that we planned over the President Holiday while the kids were out of school. We rented a 6-bedroom home in Kissimmee FL (nearby Disney) with the Judge family and Ellen's mother Nancy.

Granny imresses us every time we spend more time with her. She actually did go on the Hulk roller coaster at Universal. We took this shot just before going on the ride. We also had her give us here last will and testament prior to going on the ride, just in case it was her last roller coaster ride. Yes indeed she is SUPER GRANNY.

The whole gang at Disney World.

The Judge family with almighty "Granny"

This image occurred on a water fall type ride at Universal Studios. We all high pressured Carla to go on this ride, and as you may know Carla is like a cat in that she does not like to get wet. Well I wish I could have taken an after picture because we all got pretty wet!

Cara and Jeff with party hats on at Disney.

The Judge family at Gator golfing.

The Spiderman 3-d ride at Universal.

Cara Jeff on the Spiderman ride. Jeff does a very nice Elvis lip raise.

Joey and Felicity in Cat in the Hat land.

Joey with his super FL buddies in the land of tall at Universal.

Cara and Jeff with the Hulk roller coaster in the background.

Tim and Ellen at put put golf.

Tim and Ellen at put put golf 1-second later.