Alagna Family
The Alagna's Summer 2005 trip to Chicago

Mr. Toaster, Carley and I. Carley and I have agreed that I can no longer use the toaster to help remove her loose teeth. We have agreed that I can now only use the piano method or the door knob method to remove her loose teeth, and no more toaster.

Carley showing off her new hat.

Carely and cousin Cara at the mall shopping.

The family at the shopping mall. Little do I know that tonight my back will be stuck. I was feeling real good here?

At Aurelos Pizza, simply enjoying the finest pizza in the world.

Aurelos Pizza rules!

Carley enjoying pizza.

The family out on the deck.

OK here I am being carried away by the paramedics to the hospital. My lower lumbar mussels were having spasams. It just happened last night while playing kick the can.

Trying to lay me back on the stretcher. They carried me down the stairs in a chair.

Laying me back really hurt, but I knew I had to do it! Take me away!

The kid's at Wrigley Field!

Jimmy and Carley at the game.

The kid's at the game.

Me, not at the game, but on morphine at the hospital. I really do not remember much like even taking this picture.

Carley at her baseball game.

The Alagna's at Aurelo's.

Carley and Ant and Mannie at the game.

Carley's baseball team, with coach Jim.

These were some bridling that hatched in a nest on Jim and Sue's deck.

Joey is trying to catch Uncle Jimmy at the park in downtown Chicago. Joey for some reason could not catch his uncle. Jimmy was scaring me with his running ability. I was worried he would do what I did with my back.

This is called "the Bean" at Millennium Park. Its a big stainless steel highly polished orb. Pretty cool effect with taking photos into the orb.

Trying to hold the Bean from rolling on us all!

Nice picture downtown.

Taken at Navy Pier.

At the Millennium Park auditorium.

Did not want to keep us from going places, so we rented a wheel chair so I could keep up with 'em.

At the anchor on Navy Pier

At the anchor on Navy Pier

At the anchor on Navy Pier

At the edge at Navy Pier.

Beautiful view off Navy Pier.