Alagna Family
Danny's Memorial Service in Chicago
November 4th, 2006

Our eldest brother Dan passed away last month ( October 10th 2006 )in San Diego, CA. He was battling liver cancer the last few months. We all (Jimmy and Sue, Joey and Chris, Christina, Mary, Carla and I) met in Chicago for a memorial service.

The memorial and service all went well, and we buried Danny's remains in Mary Queen of Heaven Cemetery, not far from Mom and Dad's gravesite. Afterwards, about 35 friends and relatives went to a nearby restaurant for lunch, pictures below.

These are some images that I found of Danny.

Taken in our backyard at 5126 25st. in Cicero. Danny helped us make a snowman for Cara.

This was taken at a professional tennis tournament that Dad and Danny used to frequent. I seem to have inherited the "2-pack abs" just like Dad.

Taken at I think San Diego baseball park. It looks like the Cubs were in town.

A visit to Hilton Head.

At Jimmy and Sue's condo in Westmont IL. The brothers and Dad eating away!

Also at Jimmy and Sue's condo in Westmont during the holidays.
After the memorial service at the restaurant

Sam and Dolores Clemente

Chris, Liane Beth

Cousins Christie, Cindy

Auntie Ada, Joanne and Sue

Cousin Mike Alagna and Jimmy

Sue and Carla

Jim and Cousin Mike Clemente

Joe and Chris

Jim and Sue

Jim and Sue


Carla and Johnny

The Piwovar's (Chris's parents and Aunt)

Gary and Joe
Other images from our visit

Dumping in and contributing pop tops to the Ronald McDonald home. These pop tops are used to help pay for the electric bill at the home.

On Ronald McDonald's lap at the House

If you don't know, Chicago is home to the world headquarters of McDonald. This McDonald restaurant is a prototype that they use as experimental purposes. Pretty cool building that you will probably never see in your hometown.

Jim, Carly and Sue at Cafe Benaro's. We had a crazy waiter named Mike whom you might like to ask for.

Me and Carla at Cafe Benaro's in Naperville

Carly eating one of her favorites, salad

Joe and Chris at Cafe Benaro's.

Carly with her "bunny rabbit" ears on

Chris and her cousin Carly

The whole group at Cafe Benaro's.

One of our favorite stops in Chicago is Italian Beef sandwiches by Buona Beef. Let me tell you know, a stop in Chicago without having a beef sandwich is not a true Chicago dining experience.
Eating Italian Beef at Buona.

Dining out the night before the service with Jim's family at Pasta Amore in Naperville.

Eating the world's finest pizza at Aurelo's Pizza with Chris's childhood friend Lizzy and boyfriend Bob.
San Diego