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Florida State Football Game
Florida State versus Boston College
October 20-22, 2006

This weekend trip was to visit Cara in Tallahassee and see a FSU football game. We took Melissa (our niece Gina's daughter) and what a great time we had with her! Our trip started on Friday afternoon, leaving about 3pm and arriving 5-hours later in FL at about 8pm. We met Cara at our hotel and it was wonderful to see her, she look g r e a t!

After talking for a while we set out to eat at our first adventure restaurant, named _______. This was an interesting restaurant with very good steaks.

The marching ban at half time.

Pictured here in the front of ___________ restaurant, looks like a restored gas station. This was a fun and interesting place to dine. Took forever to get our food but during the wait we met and saw some very interesting Tallahassee characters. A good time we will always remember.

Before the game we met up (tailgating) Tom and Jeff to share a drink and party with the kid's. We saw everything from upside down chugging to ice chest diving, these kids are nuts.

Bobby doing his thing on the sidelines.

Cara and Melissa looking tough in their black tops.

Before the game at the tailgating party.

The two lovely ladies of my life.

Cara and Jeff tailgating

Tom showing Jeff how to play the football drinking game

We took this image the night prior to the game.

Cara and Melissa out dining.

Cara and Melissa at breakfast.

At breakfast.

Eating at ______the night we arrived.

FSU and Westbrtook trying to do something with the ball.

A rare FSU touchdown.

At the start of the game.

Cara and Joey at Bella Mia________Italian restaurant.

The gals shopping of course!

Carla and I at breakfast.