Alagna Family
Jim & Sue Visit to Hilton Head Island SC
June 10th to June 17, 2006

Sue and Jim in front of Lady & Sons restaurant in Savannah, GA.

This page contains pictures from Jimmy, Sue and Carley's visit to our home on Hilton Head in June of 2006. We picked them up in Atlanta, GA because we were attending a trade show. We drove back Saturday afternoon.

Cuddles with her new Summer cut. A wanna be Badges.

Joey and Carley at a square in Savannah, GA

Auntie Carla and Carley. As you can see out the window a tropical storm Alberto was passing through town. We very much needed the rain.

Jimmy and Sue at Paulies Pizza

Carley drawing in the yard.

Carley and Badges. They get a long so well!

Sue, Carley and Badges

Joey and Carley at Dairy Queen in Bluffton SC.

Savannah GA at City Market Square.

Alagna's at City Market, Savannah

Sue, Carley and Jim

Our quiet table in the corner at Lady & Son's in Savannah, GA. A very romantic setting.

Oh, these cheese bisquets are sooo good.

Carley and Cuddles.

The Alagna's in Savannah, GA

In City Market.

Carley and Kelieigh at Port Royal Beach.

In Savannah GA across from Lady and Sons.

Dinner at Lady and Son's. Well this is before the food went into their mouths.

The presentation was nice but the food was sub par. The pork chops were tough :{ Lady and Son's was a disappointment. A true "tourists trap" expensive and simply not good.

Cara in Savannah, GA

This is a picture of a very famous alligator that came a knocking for dinner. It was taken near Hilton Head in Bluffton , SC