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August 9th - 13, 2006

This trek is to Lake Norman, North Carolina. This is our 3rd year in a row having visited "the lake" with the Judge family, although we did miss "granny" (Ellen's mom) :{ this year we added Timmy Neil (Joey's friend) and Hanna Smith (Felicity's friend) to the mix.

We have a wonderful time, the best yet! Weather was great for boating as we rented a pontoon boat for the crew. We did a lot of "tubing" on the lake as you'll see in the pictures below, and as usual found the shops and restaurants in Charlotte.

Lake Norman Marina
Southpark Shopping Mall
Portofino's Italian Restaurant

This kid's on the steps of Portofino's Italian Restaurant

At Portofino's - 23-years of blissful marriage.

The Alagna's in the water