Alagna Family
Football Season with Joey, Fall 2007

Joey in uniform at a home game earlier in the season. We are very proud of Joey, because he actually did not play too much this season because it was first experience with football, but he "stayed in there" and went through all of the grueling practices and finished the football season. A great character builder for Joey and us.

Joey #63 getting some play

Coming through the Prep banner

Well our team was rated #1 in the beginning of the season. We had ups and downs during the season, but we ended up playing our Island Rivals, Hilton Head Christian for the state Championship. As you can above we were victorious and won state!

Score was 25 to 14. An absolute great night for a championship game, there was pageantry in the air, along with a very cold temperature of 38 degrees. We froze, but it was all worth the slight pain. Joey and his big smile is positioned far right middle of picture.

Proud parents and sibling Cara with our star player Joey. You can read Carla's face, it says hurry up and take this picture I'm freezing!

Joey's personal trainer and Cara's boyfriend Dominic. We love this guy, he is great!

Best buds forever, Joey Ryan and Joey.

Joey with good friend Andrew.
As you can see from this "close up", Joey was happy!