Alagna Family
January and February 2007
This winter was very exciting for the Alagna family and inhibited my picture taking time. Activities this winter included the sale of our primary business Vision Internet, to taking a Carribean cruise with Joey to the start of baseball season with Joey on the Hilton Head Preparatory school team.

This was a typical view from the ship. The water in Caribbean is unbelievably several shades of blue. This island is Grand Turk of the Turks and Caicaos. On the "kid's front" we are very excited that Joey is on the Hilton Head Preparatory baseball team, and believe it or not we are starting to prepare for graduation from FSU in April.

Me and Carla at dinner on board the Carnival Elation cruise ship.

From the rear deck of the cruise ship.

Took this shot of a small boat riding along side of the ship.

Carla and Ellen at dinner.

This is where we dined each night. Our entre's included Filet Migon, lobster and everything expensive and good. We ate like king and queens, it was great!.

Joey at bat. HHP won this game against Hardeville 28 to 3.

Joe at 1st base. Don't hit it here!

Me in my new office.

Outside my new office