Alagna Family
July 2008 ~ Brian & Amanda Pope Wedding and Lake Keowee with the Judges
These pictures are from Brian and Amanda Pope's wedding and from our annual trip to the lake Keowee upstate.

Greg Castner (my partner) and wife Judy Castner

Good friends who moved recently away from Hilton Head, PJ and Renee Macali.

Carla and I

The beautiful wedding couple, Amanda and Brian Pope. Just married.

These pictures are from our annual treck upstate to the lake. This year we went to a different lake in SC named Lake Keowee. Lake Keowee was absolutely beautiful, with emerald green water and green mountains as a backdrop. We went this year with the Judge Family (less Granny :( ) and Joey's friend Timmy Neil and Shane's friend Carson.

We found a jumping rock that was about 25' up. Joey, Timmy and Tim jumped!

This is Timmy Neil jumping off the 25' rock.

Joey & Timmy "sizing up" this jump.

This rock is about 50' feet up and just Joey and Timmy jumped. This is Joey falling into the water. When he was jumping the skies opened and it started to rain.

Our complete party at a "wanna be" Italian restaurant run by a nice Palestine family.

Tim enjoying his meal with wife Ellen.
Lake Keowee Resources
  • Stayed at Holiday Inn Express-Anderson - 107 Interstate Blvd, Anderson - (864) 226-3312
  • Lake Keowee Marina 864-882-2047
  • We rented a 25 ft pontoon boat that held 10 persons at $325 per the day - gas was $86 first day and $36 the second day.

Ellen & Carla

Shane and Carson on the tube.

A rain cloud passed through and we got wet!

Joey and Timmy on the tube.

Timmy being himself ???

Having fun in the water. The water was greeaat!

Shane J, reflecting on the shear amount (of lack of) fish that were caught on this trip.

Give me a little lovin! Dad get a way from me!

Timmy with his banjo at the shore, just playing a little song for the locals. He fits in sooo well.