Alagna Family
Joey Goes off to USC Columbia & Fall 2009

The pictures on this page are of Joey at USC in Columbia SC. We helped move him into his lovely dorm - where he has the the life of a college- kid including public restrooms and showers at the end of the hallway. He is dorming with a great kid named Sam from Sarasota Fl.

Joey and Mom about to say "good bye" for a few months. Joey look happy?



Joey is totally "spent" from the move. This is his room, he does have a nice view of Blossom Street traffic. He did not have any view or traffic at home. Wonder if he will hear the noise of "traffic".


Carla and Joey (and me) moving in. It was absolutely horrible. This school has built almost a billion dollars of new buildings over the last 10-years - but does not spend thousands on access to Joey's dorm. We actually had to physically carry his stuff down 1-flight of stairs and up 2-additional flight of stairs before we even arrived at his dorm.


This is the worst part of the whole move. Our "load" fell over going over a bump. It set us back about 2-hours because we then had to hand carry everything anyway because of all the flight of stairs. A nightmare.

In the dorm and all moved in.


Our load before it all fell over.

Joey and Cara on Fall Break.


Cara is trying to smile like Joey/

Frank with the Trips.


Cara - Carla & Gina setting up in their flea market.

Mom and Dad


Out to Dinner

Cara & Dom


This hawk ran into our window one day - but got up and flew away about 20 mins. later.

Breakfast one morning with our small family :)


Taken at Steelers versus Carolina Panthers pre-game.

Dom & Dad at Steelers Game.