Alagna Family
Weekend in Lake Greenwood
The pictures on this page are from a short weekend to Lake Greenwood in upstate SC. Dino and Mary rented a nice home right on the lake. We drove up with Mom and Dad and crazy Justin (aka Tina). We had a fabulous weekend of water, fishing, food and family, It was great!

This is the front of the home


This is the rear of the home with a dock and boat.

Taylor caught a rather interesting and large fish!


This is the fish - his name was Geoffrey the Garr Fish. He was rather tough to get into the net.

Taylor almost lost his nose as he was holding Geoffrey up to take a picture. Geoffrey snapped and biffed Taylor in the head with his bill. Was actually quite quick and scary. We did not know what happened it was so quick.


Check the teeth out on Geoffrey... Sharp and plentiful ...enough to take a nose off!

Tina - the nut having a great time catching nothing at the moment.


Look at the reaction from the crew on the dock when they saw Geoffrey!

Alyssa tubing.


This fish weighed in at about 12 pounds and was 6' feet long. The above picture is a bit distorted so Geoffrey may look a bit smaller.