Alagna Family

Carla's 50th. Birthday Party

These photos are from Carla's 50th Birthday Party (07/02) which we had at a small cabin type building in Hilton Head Plantation overlooking the Skull Creek waterway.. It was a wonderful night of fun with close family and friends. Cara had the event catered the food was delightful, and the weather was unbelievable 80's and windy. We all gathered in the cabin and eat, talked and listened to music from a gal that Cara hired. After the party about 20 of us went sailing on a 45' sloop up the Intracoastal Waterway.

Thanks to Doug Socie for his classic Carrot Cake

All lit up!




The gals



Mom Gina and Carla

Cara made and set up all of the tabletop decor'.


Carla & I

Outside on the veranda


Our little family

Carla hugging Dad


Cara, Amy and Gina


Crazy cats on board the Cheers Sailboat



Crazy cats on board the Cheers Sailboat





The wild women

Wild Women having fun at the bow of the boat.





Cara and Joey


Good friends Rob and Karen